North Kildare Cricket Club - Pitchero - New Registration - App

Pitchero - New Registration - App
1. Open the Pitchero Club app and click Sign Up

2. Fill in your contact details, read and click agree to Terms of Service and click Create Account


3. Select Cricket as your sport

4. Type in North Kildare Cricket Club and click on the club when it appears

5. Read and accept the club consent statement

6. Select the roles which apply to you (click the back arrow after applying for each role):

Club Member - everyone should select this role

Player - apply to be a member of a team (or multiple teams). Non-playing members do not need to select this role.

Note: Player role will only be granted once membership has been paid. Without player role, it is not possible to be selected for games.

Parent - select Parent role to add junior members to your account (optional):

- Click Add A Child

- Type in the name of your child, and press the icon on the bottom right hand corner of the screen to continue

- Select the team on which your child will be playing

- Click Add Child to finishing adding the child

- Repeat the process to add additional children to your account


7. Select the teams which you wish to follow on your app homepage (you can select up to three teams)

Congratulations, you have registered for North Kildare Cricket Club! Check your emails for verification link to complete process.