North Kildare Cricket Club - Pitchero - New Registration - Website

1. Go to

2. Click Join

3. Enter your details and click Join This Club

4. If you agree with the Terms of Service and the club policies tick both boxes, click "Im not a Robot" and click Next

5. Apply for the following roles:

- Club Member
- Player (not required for non-playing members/parents)
- Parent (if you wish to add junior members to your account)

Note: Player role will only be granted once subscription fees have been paid. Members who are not granted Player role cannot be selected to play games

Click Next Step

6. If you have select Parent role, please go to our guide for registering junior members for steps on how to add a junior member to your account.

7. Select the team on which you primarily play. Additional teams can be selected after registration. Click Complete Registration.

8. Check your emails for confirmation email and click "Confirm My Email Address" to complete registration.