North Kildare Cricket Club - Subscription Fees 2019

2019 Subscriptions
A playing shirt is included with every subscription
Registration Fee1 Match Fee2
Full Subscription3
Full Adult (Men)
40/45/50 overs
€109 €8 €219
Full Adult (Men)
20 overs4
€109 €6 €219
Full Adult (Women) €109 €6 €149
Existing North Kildare Club Members5 €10 As per match category N/A
Available with valid social welfare card or proof of unemployment
€109 €5 €129
Available with valid student card
€109 €5 €129
Taverners €109 €6 €149
Junior 1st Child €79 €2.506 €99
Junior 2nd Child €69 €2.506 €89
Junior 3rd Child €59 €2.506 €79
Junior 4th+ Child €10 €2.506 €29
Social (non-playing) €49 N/A €49

1. Initial Fee: The registration fee is payable by all members at start of the season

2. Match Fee: The match fee is payable for each game played. Total amount is capped at full subscription rate

3. Full Subscription: Alternative to registration/match fee, a full subscription amount can be paid up front at start of season. This covers all games played for that particular registration category.

4. Men's 20 over match fee: Only applies to T20 competition games. League/cup matches which are rescheduled to a midweek 20 over game, or which are reduced before the toss will be charged at the full match fee rate for the originally scheduled game.

5. Existing North Kildare Club members: Members who have already paid North Kildare Club membership for 2019. Members of other sections must continue to pay main club sub through winter sports section.

6. Junior Match Fee: Junior match fees only apply to senior games and are capped at a max of €20 for the season
Changes To Subscriptions for 2019 season

Match Fee Structure

For the 2019 season we are introducing an option to pay a lower registration fee and then pay a match fee for each game played throughout the season.

The registration fee will be due in full before you will be eligible for selection for your first game of the season.

The match fee will be payable after each game played. Match fees will be chargable as per the category of match played, ie, a Taverners member playing in a men's league match will pay €8.

The total amount paid throughout the season will be capped for each member at the Full Subscription amount (shown in the fee table) for the category to which you have subscribed.

A payment request will be sent to each member following a game, and must be paid within 48 hours. Members in arrears with match fees will not be permitted to take part in further games until arrears are cleared.

Full Subscrption

As an alternative to the match fee structure, we are also offering the option to pay your full subscription up front at the start of the season.

This amount must be paid before you play your first game. The option to pay by instalment is no longer available.

Members of Other Sections

Members of other sections of North Kildare Club who have already paid their Main Club subscription for 2019 only need to pay a match fee for each game played.

NB: If you are a member of another section, you must pay your Main Club Subscription through that section and not through cricket.

Payment App

For the 2019 season we will be trialing the use of the app Teamer to handle all payments, both subscription and match fees.

All members will be required to use the app to make payments, as we will no longer be able to accept cash, cheques or bank transfers for subscription payments.

Cricket Leinster Registration

All adult members must register with the Cricket Leinster at a cost of €15. Please CLICK HERE to Register.

Taverners also do not register, although it has two main benefits - you will be insured as a member of Cricket Leinster and you will have the option of receiving Cricket Leinster updates.