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Umpires and Scorers Information
Umpires and Scorers Information


In recent years, the standard of umpiring has become a contentious issue, causing problems up and down the leagues that we play in.

At North Kildare, we aim to do our bit to improve the standard of umpiring in the games that we play. Our goal from the 2018 season onwards is to increase the number of ECB qualified umpires which we have at the club, with the short term aim being that at least one member of each team has at least an ECB Level 1 qualification.

Not only does an ECB umpiring qualification give the option of standing as a neutral umpire on behalf of the LCU&SA, it will give greater skills to deal with issues in our own games, as well as giving a greater overall knowledge of our sport and its complex laws. A new set of laws has come into effect on 1st October 2017, which makes some big changes to the existing laws, so now would be an ideal time to take an umpires course to cover these laws.

More information on becoming an umpire can be found on the website of the Leinster Cricket Umpires and Scorers Association. To register interest in doing a Level 1 course, please click HERE. It could be your first step to becoming Ireland's next test umpire!


Scoring a game of cricket is an essential skill for the amateur cricketer to have. Ask any captain and they will tell you that one of the hardest parts of their job is to find volunteers to score, and often this is not down to a lack of willing but rather not knowing how to score.

We aim to have as many players as possible proficient in scoring. At some stage, all players will be required to put their hand up and help out with the scorebook. To help us improve our panel of scorers, we aim to host an Introduction to Scoring course at the club in the new year, which will give the basic skills required to confidently score a game of cricket.

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Useful Resources

Summary of changes to the Laws of Cricket 2017 Code Laws of Cricket Site (includes link to download very useful Android/iPhone app)
Leinster Cricket Umpires and Scorers Association

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For more information on scoring or umpiring, please contact:

Ronan Cruise
085 1392377