North Kildare Cricket Club - Registration

North Kildare Cricket Club

For the 2018 season, it is necessary not only to register with Cricket Leinster, but to also upload a photograph to your profile. Registrations which do not have a photograph uploaded will not be completed, and the player will not be eligible for selection.

Note: if you have already uploaded a photograph then you do not need to repeat the process again this year.

To update your Cricket Leinster profile and upload a photograph:

1. Go to and either select "Log In Now" if you are a returning member and have registered with Cricket Leinster in previous seasons, or "Sign Up Now" for first time registrations.

2. For new members, please provide a short overview of your previous playing history (where you played and to what standard).

Note: select appropriate category; Open for men's competitions.

3. If you have not paid the registration fee for this season then do so first.

4. Once registration fee has been paid, click Edit Profile at the top.

5. Click Upload Profile Photo to browse and select your photograph.

6. On the profile photo, click the green "crop" button to save the photograph.

Note: This seems to be the part that is catching people out. If you do not crop the photograph it will not save.

7. Click Save Profile to complete.

8. Log out and then log back in again and click Edit Profile to ensure that the photograph has saved. This is important, as there is no other indication if the photograph has not saved.

It typically takes around 24 hours for registrations to be confirmed, so please do this as soon as possible to ensure that you are eligible for selection.

If you have any problems with registrations, please contact Ronan Cruise at for assistance.