North Kildare Cricket Club - Honours Board 2005

Honours Board 2005


11 September 2005- Saad Ahmed 135 (Men's First XI vs. Sandyford)


01 May- Saad Ahmed 60 (Men's First XI vs. The Hills)
15 May- Ian Walshe 95 (Men's First XI vs. Rush)
15 May- Ijaz Anwar 85 (Men's First XI vs. Rush)
21 May- Zakyra Khan 58 (Men's Second XI vs. CYM)
22 May- Ian Walshe 61 (Men's First XI vs. Bagenalstown)
29 May- Ian Walshe 58 (Men's First XI vs. Old Belvedere)
05 June- Ian Walshe 53 (Men's First XI vs. Pembroke)
05 June- Morgan Sweeney 59* (Men's Second XI vs. Trinity)
25 June- Doug Nicol 60 (Men's Second XI vs. Malahide)
03 July- Robert Neavyn 62 (Men's First XI vs. Clontarf)
03 July- Ian Walshe 66 (Men's First XI vs. Clontarf)
03 July- Saad Ahmed 50 (Men's First XI vs. Clontarf)
24 July- Robert Neavyn 59 (Men's First XI vs. Pembroke)
24 July- Saad Ahmed 62 (Men's First XI vs. Pembroke)
27 August- Ian Walshe 67* (Men's First XI vs. Wexford)
18 September- Ian Walshe 51 (Men's First XI vs. Wexford)

Five wickets:

01 May- Nadeem Azmat 7-17 (Men's First XI vs. The Hills)
05 June- Ijaz Anwar 5-19 (Men's Second XI vs. Trinity)
19 June- Greg Withey 5-27 (Men's Second XI vs. Halverstown)

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