North Kildare Cricket Club - Code of conduct for Young Players

Code of Conduct for Young Players

Code of conduct for Young Players

For the purposes of this document, young players are defined as those who are under 18 years of age.

Young players are entitled to:

  • Be safe and to feel safe
  • Be listened to
  • Be treated with dignity, sensitivity and respect
  • Participate on an equal basis
  • Have fun and enjoy sport
  • Experience competition at a level at which they feel comfortable
  • Comment and make suggestions
  • Make complaints and have the confidence that they will be investigated fully by the Club
  • Appropriate confidentiality
  • Approach the Designated Person or Children’s Officer with any questions or concerns which they may have

Young players should not:

  • Cheat
  • Bully or use bullying tactics to isolate another player
  • Harm team-mates, opponents or their property
  • Tell lies about adults or other children
  • Spread rumours

A North Kildare CC player will,  for the duration of coaching sessions, tours and tournaments:

  • Respect and comply with all lawful decisions and directives of the North Kildare CC Management Team
  • Respect and comply with the principles of the “Spirit of Cricket” as outlined in the Preamble to the Laws of Cricket.
  • Conduct themselves in a manner as befits their status as ambassadors for the North Kildare CC
  • Players under 18 years of age are prohibited from drinking alcohol when involved in Club activities.
  • Respect and comply with the terms of the North Kildare CC directive which bans, without reservation, the use of un-prescribed drugs and other controlled substances
  • Respect the property and belongings of others and maintain their accommodation, dressing room and practice facilities in a clean and tidy state.
  • Respect and comply with the terms of the North Kildare CC Code of Conduct and Good Practice. If there are breaches of this Code, disciplinary proceedings will be initiated by North Kildare CC’s Disciplinary Committee.

Notes on North Kildare CC’s Youth Code of Conduct

Players should note that:

  • Players should familiarise themselves with the above and read in conjunction with the Spirit and laws of  Cricket (Appendix 1).
  • Before signing the Code of Conduct Acceptance Form (Appendix 2), players and their parent(s) /guardian(s) will be given the opportunity to consult with the Team Manager or Youth Co-ordinator to obtain clarification on any of the term(s) of the Code of Conduct