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Follow up from the Laws Evening

06 Mar 2018

Well done to everyone who attended the Laws evenings on Monday 19th & 26th February,  hosted in NK and delivered by the LCUS&A. North Kildare were the first club to host one of these programmes for the LCUS&A. Following suit are Gorey, Longford, The Hills, Clontarf and Railway Union. Each club acted as a hub for many other clubs to attend. If you missed the one in our club and want to go to one of the other sessions please contact Peter Thew by email:

Over the two evenings we covered a vast amount of information that will help everyone who attended them to umpire matches in the future, or at least when playing have a lot more respect for the umpires and knowledge of the game! 

1st Evening
Spirit of Cricket
Nomination of Players & Toss
No Ball
Byes & Leg Byes

2nd Evening
Dead Ball
Wicket is Down
Run Out & stumped
Short Run
Substitutes & Runners
Ground Conditions
Unfair Play
Players' Conduct


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