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  • Fav Away ground: Leinster,where I got my first four with a perfect pull shot!I remember Barra's shout from the scoring box and later being told that he was given out to for it! 

    Funniest Cricket moment: When we watched Nigel batting in his match the first year I came to the club - after that it was always 'do as he says not as he does'! 
    Also in the 2008-09 season Wendy Lipson getting run out because she managed to throw the bat out of her hands!! 

    Best Cricket moment(s): Winning second division('07)...Winning in general! And watching Wendy's 3catches this season ('08) in the 1 match-the shock and utter joy on her face!
    The 45 runs I scored in '08.

Performance Details

Batting and fielding history
 Total 1901483114494512.3811000191
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Season: 2019
 All teams321222.00000000
Season: 2018
 All teams201822273714.19000030
Season: 2017
 All teams1082963316.00100010
Season: 2016
 All teams99065137.22000040
Season: 2015
 All teams161531854115.42000010
Season: 2014
 All teams141341092112.11100000
Season: 2013
 All teams171711663510.38900010
Season: 2012
 All teams331221.00000000
Season: 2011
 All teams271472054329.29000061
Season: 2010
 All teams221021263315.75000010
Season: 2009 (Showing 1 of 2 items. Group continues on the next page.)
 All teams86144178.80000000

Bowling history
SeasonMatchesOversMaidensRunsWicketsBest Bowling5WAverageEconomy
Total3317.017521 - 15037.504.41
20082316.017021 - 15035.004.38
2007101.00500 - 500.005.00